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Keeping nature close to you - wherever you are

I love leaves. I love them as they emerge in spring, I love them in full greens in summer and I love their fiery autumn colours and I love the ones hardy enough to provide greenery in winter whilst missing the rest. That's why I enjoy making my replica leaves in fine silver - leaves that can stay with me wherever I am and whatever the time of year.

My favourite leaf pieces are those that I have made for others as gifts from a person's favourite plant. Whether a favourite from someone's garden, or a favourite species of wild plant. These leaves are gifted to show how much someone understands the other's love of nature.

I have a number of fine silver leaf replicas on my website at the moment. Some are made using a gradual, layering process which picks up the texture of the real leaf. Others are made by using a real leaf to make an imprint of itself into the clay. Each is unique, made from a single leaf with all of its own textures, including ones occasionally made by something which has made the leaf its home.

Take a look at just some of those available today as I write this:

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