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Timeless Jewellery

One of the things I love about jewellery is the everlasting nature of it. There is jewellery in museums from our prehistory – with the earliest jewellery being made by Neanderthals and early humans. Jewellery beads made from shells have been found which are 150,000 years old! It is clearly in our nature to want to make and wear jewellery and to do so from materials which will last.

Whether vintage costume jewellery, antique precious jewellery or new jewellery, the knowledge that each piece either has, or will have, a history fascinates me. I love the thought that items made many years ago, still as beautiful today, have been passed through families, friends and people through the years. Each piece both given and received with pleasure, kindness and love.

And so it is with new jewellery – a piece bought new and worn with love will eventually be passed to someone else to treasure. Each piece will link the now to the future – and then that future to the past.

There are few other things in life so lasting and precious – especially in today’s world of rapid change and fast fashion. That’s why jewellery is such a perfect gift – it symbolises the connection between people throughout history, and the enduring nature of all people to give and receive something that will last as long as love itself.

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