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Four Quick Jewellery Care Tips

From time to time, jewellery needs a little care and attention to keep it looking its best and to ensure it hasn't any chance of getting lost while we wear it. So, here are four ways you can make sure your jewellery stays safe and looking great.

1. Earrings

Ever thought that your butterfly backs are starting to feel too big for the earrings – as if the hole is a little too large for the post and so they no longer feel secure? It’s a common problem, and one that is easily fixed. The hole hasn’t changed size – it’s simply that the “wings” of the butterfly back have become wider apart. By simply giving them a little squeeze together, they will fit tightly again. Often this can be done by hand, but if you need to use pliers you can see here that it’s just the lightest of squeezes (you don’t want to squash it!):

2. Necklaces

To keep your necklaces safe, check the jump rings (the little rings that attach the clasp, and sometimes the pendant) to make sure they are closed well. Some jewellers do solder jump rings but many (including me) prefer to leave them unsoldered to provide a deliberate weak link in case the necklace ever gets caught on something: rather a single jump ring opening than the chain breaking or, worse, the chain causing injury depending on what it has caught on.

Jump rings can start to open a little though, as a result of occasional pulls and movement, so check them regularly and re-close them to make them secure again. To do this, don’t just try to push the open ends together – that’s going to mis-shape them. Instead, take each side and make side to side movements to bring the ends together neatly – see video.

3. Chains

Precious metal chains can often look a little tarnished and, because of the tiny links, don’t always clean well with a cleaning cloth. The best way to clean them is to use a little water and gentle soap with a soft brush. Simple chains can be soaked a little, but don’t soak stones which are absorbent such as opal, pearl and don’t soak silver clay jewellery, which can also absorb moisture a little.

4. Silver

For other silver pieces, keep them clean by regularly giving them a light polish with a silver cleaning cloth such as the ones included with Robin and Wren Jewellery . Don’t rub hard, and be careful not to remove the deliberate patina in the design.

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