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Meet the Maker


I’m the designer and maker here at Robin and Wren Jewellery. I'm based in SW Leicestershire, where I’ve lived for over 35 years with my husband and various pets.  As you might already have worked out, I’m a great nature lover, I'm particularly fond of the British countryside and of gardens.

The natural world has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember and so has jewellery. However, I always struggled  to find jewellery that expressed the connection I felt with nature that was also good quality, easy to buy and that arrived beautifully packaged.

Jewellery Designer and Maker at Robin and Wren Jewellery

Not surprisingly, when I started learning to make jewellery my aims were to make pieces that would represent my love of the natural world, be made of a sustainable material and that would endure for generations.

Leaf replica earrings with blue azurite beads

I tried various jewellery making techniques, and as soon as I discovered precious metal clay, I fell in love with it. Silver metal clay enabled me to realise all of those aims as the clay comes from recycled silver and lends itself to artistic and organic jewellery which reflects that uniqueness and beauty found in the natural world. I was hooked! Today, it is still the material I use most for my designs.

Do take a look around my website - I hope that when you look at my jewellery, you can see a love of nature in each piece. Purchasing is easy, and each piece will be delivered attractively packaged (additional gift wrapping is also an option).


Best wishes

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