Meet the Maker

Ann Finnemore: designer and jewellery maker

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I'm Ann Finnemore - designer and maker of all the jewellery here at Robin and Wren. As you might have guessed, I'm a true lover of nature and in particular of the British countryside and gardens. In fact my jewellery business is named after two of the regular little visitors to our garden here in SW Leicestershire.


The natural world has been a passion of mine since early childhood when I spent many a day searching for new bugs and beasties in the garden (bless my parents for putting up with me keeping jars of ants to observe and caterpillars to watch turn into butterflies). It was no surprise then when I later studied Biology at school and University and even taught it for a number of years.


I'm still constantly inspired by the natural world around me. I love nature’s textures and colours - from those of flora and fauna to those in the sky, the sea, and the rocks and I aim to reflect these in my designs. 


My love of jewellery started at an early age too, but I always struggled to find anything that really reflected my love of nature. When I did find nature-based designs, I often discovered them to be lacking the quality, detail and originality that I wanted. Naturally, when I started learning to make jewellery that was my aim - to make pieces that were a tribute to that passion and would give others an opportunity to express their individual style and love of nature. I was initially self-taught, but then joined the Jewellery Academy to learn more techniques and to broaden my jewellery design and silver jewellery making skills.


All pieces are made from a precious metal clay which uses reclaimed silver, and are items which will last and stay beautiful for years to come – as timeless as nature itself.


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Thank you for reading this. 

Best wishes