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Colours and gems

As much as I love silver, I also like to see a splash of colour in some of my jewellery. After all, nature is full of colour - in the plants and animals around us as well as in the rocks, earth and sky. That's why I love including stones and glass in some of my jewellery designs.

Whenever possible I like to include natural gemstones in my silver jewellery designs, as you'll notice if you look at my earrings collection. The colours that are contained in many natural stones, once polished, are stunning and easily match the colours we see in the natural world - think of the deep blues of lapis lazuli, and the pale sky grey-blue streaked with white of lace agate. or the deep reds of carnelian and the soft pink of rose quartz. Even the fresh water transparency of clear quartz brings to mind woodland streams, especially when combined with moss agate.

However, there are pieces that I make which have designs that cannot be made with natural stones - designs in which the stones are to be embedded in the silver before being fired. This is because most stones cannot withstand being fired. For this reason, some of my silver jewellery designs include lab-created stones (such as these lab-created amethyst) or specialised, dichroic glass to add the colour I want (I always make it clear in my descriptions whether the stone in a piece in natural or not).

Such pieces are still inspired by the natural world such as the soft pink of cherry blossom that shows us that spring is on its way, the bright red of the bergamot I have in the garden or the deep green of woodland moss. So I hope you'll accept the jewellery I make with these stones as much as you do that with the natural ones.

I can't say that I have a single favourite stone - I love so many of them and my favourite changes according to my mood, the weather, what I'm wearing and a million other things!

The photos in this blog are of just some of the silver jewellery pieces with colour that I've made. If you like them then do please like around the website at what other designs are here.

If you have a favourite semi-precious stone let me know. If it's one that you can't find here and would like one included in a bespoke piece of jewellery, then just get in touch and find out whether I'm the person you'd like to design and make such a piece for you.

If you'd like to know more about me and the jeweller I make, and keep informed of new pieces and offers, then please sign up to my newsletter using the button below.

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