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eGift Cards - How they work



eGift cards are the perfect way to give a Robin and wren Jewellery gift. They show that you understand that this is a collection that your recipient will love, whilst also recognising that the final decision about which piece is best for them, is left for the recipient to make.

They are also perfect because you can send them immediately, from the comfort of your own home, directly to the person.


eGift card use 

The eGift cards are sold in a wide range of set values.  They can only be redeemed in full (for technical reasons) and no change is possible.  However, they can be used as part payment for purchases that cost more than the value of the gift.  They have an expiry date of 2 years from purchase date.

To redeem the card, the recipient  simply visits this website and choose the item(s) they wish to purchase. During payment, they select the "Redeem a gift card"  option and enter their unique gift card code.

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